The weekend's full-time backline

Gretsch Catalina Maple kit: 10/12/14/16 toms available, 22 kick.  Drummers are encouraged to provide snare, cymbals & preferred hardware.  If you have any other drum-related requests, feel free to contact Joe at

Bass Rig: Ampeg SVP PRO Preamp, QSC power amp, Ampeg SVT 810E cabinet.  Instrument cables, tuners, etc. are not provided.

All other backline (as requested) will and/or has been communicated on a case by case basis.


If you have production related questions, you can send a note to



5:00 - Nick Foytik Band
6:30 - Charles Walker Band
8:00 - Eric Gales


12:00 - Tommy Bentz Band
1:15 - Jimmi & the Band of Souls
2:50 - Mojo
4:00 - Left Wing Bourbon
5:20 - Blue Rooster
6:30 - Rachelle Coba
8:30 - Shaun Murphy


12:00 - Code Blue w/ Catya & Sue
1:15 - The Claudettes
2:55 - Josh Hoyer & the Shadowboxers
4:50 - Lamont Cranston


We ask that you stick to the schedule so we can keep things rolling as smoothly as possible.  If you are ready before your scheduled time to go and would like to get a few extra minutes in, feel free to do so.  But please observe the end time out of respect for the next band.

Mike Cushman (Cush) will be your emcee.  He will be provided with some basic info on your band but communicate with you prior to your set to discuss your introduction.  

This year, band merch sales will be handled through the Blues on the Chippewa booth in the permanent pavilion, stage right.