Brigitte Purdy

As a singer, Brigitte Purdy is a hidden gem. Her depth of expressivity and emotiveness, together with her rich, compelling, and soulful tone, and her flawless technical prowess, make Brigitte Purdy a world-class lead vocalist of legendary potential. On stage, Brigitte quite naturally commands the attention of every member of the audience with her musical presence, finesse, and sense for nuance. Combining her talents with her kind, sturdy, and insightful personality, she is a bright star on the horizon. If success is the intersection of preparedness and luck, her future triumphs depend only on a modicum of the latter.

Frank Simes
Musical Director for The Who, guitarist, producer, songwriter.


The only thing better than attending a Brigitte Purdy concert, is being lucky enough to provide musical support for her. With a style that embraces the finer elements of jazz, pop, R&B, and blues, Purdy’s sense of swing and phrasing is exquisite. Her vocals bathe in a rich pool of soulful influences that captivates, titillates, and seduces.  She’s a vocal stylist blessed with a singer’s instrument who combines the earthiness of 70’s funk, the operatic clarity of a dance diva, and the down home blues of Chicago. Purdy has made it her mission to leave a mark on the blues world. She places an indelible stamp on even the most well-known musical gems. Her confident stage presence comes from an innate sense of authenticity that caresses every note, and leaves listeners spellbound.

Oscar Jordan
Music Connection Magazine

Being a lead singer in front of a burning band takes someone who can handle the heat. I always look forward to Brigitte's strong Blues, Funk and groove styling’s. She is an entertainer that handles the crowd like a true leader! We all love working with Brigitte!

Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez
Drummer: Oingo Boingo, Helen Reddy