Nick Foytik Band

Performing between main-stage bands

The Nick Foytik Band is a progressive blues band with strong traditional roots. The band’s style coincides with Nick’s original solo performances, and expands with a vibrant rhythm section, taking it to a new electrified level.

You can hear influences from the old Delta masters,  early electric blues musicians, a bit of rock n’ roll, jazz, funk, and sacred steel. A number of the band’s original songs can be heard on Nick’s debut solo album, ‘Up & Downstream’, which was released in August of 2014. 

The Nick Foytik Band was founded in the Fall of 2013. They have been playing locally throughout the Chippewa Valley, and have begun to travel throughout the Midwest. The members always know how to put on an entertaining performance to express their passion for the music. The song selection and writing is designed to create a truly unique experience for every audience.